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From Orchard to Glass

At Windmill Ridge Acres, each handcrafted brew carries the essence of our history. In the lush landscape of Essex County's wine region, our orchard has been fruiting for over 45 years, a testament to our family's dedication to agriculture and the art of fruit production. Our roots run deep in these fertile grounds, where we've been nurturing tree-ripened fruits, harvesting each crop by hand with the same care as our earlier generations did.

Our transition from fruit growers to brewers and cider makers is a story steeped in tradition and enriched by innovation. This family-owned farm isn't just a place of business—it's a legacy of flavour, and an ongoing adventure in beverage-making.

Here, we share not just our products but our journey—inviting you to delve into a world where every beverage is a chapter of our orchard's history. Join us at our farm in Essex County, where each glass is a tribute to our heritage and a commitment to the future of craft brewing and cider making.

Windmill Ridge Sign
picking peaches windmill ridge
"Charming farmgate shop with lots to offer. Best apricots in Ontario if you can get your hands on them, but a great selection of other goods. Super friendly, too! If you're in the area, worth a stop-in to see what they have."

- Eli B

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