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What's In Store?

Something special is coming to life at Windmill Ridge. We are building a traditional timber-framed event barn, designed to be a picturesque venue for weddings and gatherings, reflecting our deep-rooted commitment to craftsmanship and the community. For Joe Bouzide, our owner and the hands behind the work, this is more than just a building. This barn is the realization of a long-held goal of Joe's, to construct a structure that embodies the rustic elegance and enduring craftsmanship of classic timber framing.

Event Venue
With room for 150+ people, our barn is more than just beams and posts. It's where memories will be made, from weddings to family gatherings, and everything in between.

Bride and Groom Suites
A quiet corner that overlooks our fruit orchard, offering couples a serene moment on their special day.

The Patio
Set amid our fields, a space to sit, reflect, and enjoy the surroundings. A touch of elegance amidst the orchard’s rustle.

Kranicz Orchards & Windmill Ridge Storefront
Fresh from the soil and tree, our harvest is a reflection of the seasons and our steadfast commitment. Here, you'll find our freshest fruits, and produce, as well as our craft beer and cider selection!

Tasting Bar & Kitchen
A place to gather and savor. From our own ciders to dishes that echo the land's bounty, it's a tribute to the tastes of Windmill Ridge.

couple getting married

A Labour of Love at Windmill Ridge Acres

Each piece of timber, carefully chosen and placed, tells a story of Joe’s dream and dedication. As we put the finishing touches, we're filled with anticipation to share this dream with you. At Windmill Ridge Acres, we nurture both the land and our aspirations.

Projected Opening: Summer 2025

event centre rendering
event centre rendering
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