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Welcome to

Windmill Ridge 

    Acres of Quality & Flavour!    

Why Choose Windmill Ridge?

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At Windmill Ridge, our commitment to quality starts with the freshest fruits grown on our family farm, Kranicz Orchards, hand-picked to ensure our craft beverages are enriched with natural, robust flavours in every sip!

Our Commitment to Quality...

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Local Ingredients 

Rooted in the fertile soils of Essex County, our dedication to excellence starts at Kranicz Orchards. Here, we handpick the freshest ingredients, ensuring our craft beers and ciders embody the local bounty and pure, robust flavours that are the hallmark of Windmill Ridge.

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Unique Flavours 

Embracing a blend of traditional craft and innovative methods, Windmill Ridge offers a palette of unparalleled flavours. Each beer and cider is a testament to our passion for uniqueness, crafted to deliver a taste experience as rare and distinct as the products themselves.

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Our Impact

At Windmill Ridge, we believe in farming with care. Our sustainable and regenerative practices keep our land healthy. We bring that same thoughtfulness to our brewery, using recycled materials and renewable energy for a lighter footprint.

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We're more than a business at Windmill Ridge; we're neighbours. Giving back is what we do, whether it's collaborating with local charities or joining forces with community groups. It's about making home a better place for all of us.


Find Your Flavour

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Our Story

Growing for Over 45 Years

Windmill Ridge Acres is the latest chapter in our family's 45-year history of growing tree-ripened stone fruits. After years of crafting our fruit-growing techniques, we decided to try our hand at brewing. Today, we are proud to offer a range of craft beers and hard ciders made with the same dedication to quality and flavour that has been our hallmark for generations.

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